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This crate generates Rust sources for use by cranelift_codegen.


cdsl 🔒

Cranelift DSL classes.

Build support for precomputed constant hash tables.

Error returned during meta code-generation.

gen_inst 🔒

Generate instruction data (including opcodes, formats, builders, etc.).

Generate the ISA-specific settings.

gen_types 🔒

Generate sources with type info.

Define supported ISAs; includes ISA-specific instructions, encodings, registers, settings, etc.

shared 🔒

Shared definitions for the Cranelift intermediate language.

srcgen 🔒

Source code generator.

An index-accessed table implementation that avoids duplicate entries.


A macro that converts boolean settings into predicates to look more natural.

A macro that joins boolean settings into a list (e.g. preset!(feature_a && feature_b)).


Generates all the Rust source files used in Cranelift from the meta-language.

Generate an ISA from an architecture string (e.g. “x86_64”).