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Generate instruction data (including opcodes, formats, builders, etc.).


IsleTarget 🔒

Which ISLE target are we generating code for?



gen_bitset 🔒

Generate a Builder trait with methods for all instructions.

Emit a method for creating and inserting an instruction format.

Generate an instruction format enumeration.

Emit a method for generating the instruction inst.

Generate the InstructionData and InstructionImms enums.

Generate the boring parts of the InstructionData implementation.

Generate the conversion from InstructionData to InstructionImms, stripping out the Values.

Generate the opcode method on InstructionImms.

Generate the conversion from InstructionImms to InstructionData, adding the Values.

Generate an enum immediate in ISLE.

Emit member initializers for an instruction format.

Generate value type constraints for all instructions.

Generate the table of ValueTypeSets described by type_sets.

generate 🔒

Get the value type constraint for an SSA value operand, where ctrl_typevar is the controlling type variable.