Struct wasmtime::ImportType[][src]

pub struct ImportType<'module> { /* fields omitted */ }

A descriptor for an imported value into a wasm module.

This type is primarily accessed from the Module::imports API. Each ImportType describes an import into the wasm module with the module/name that it’s imported from as well as the type of item that’s being imported.


impl<'module> ImportType<'module>[src]

pub fn module(&self) -> &'module str[src]

Returns the module name that this import is expected to come from.

pub fn name(&self) -> Option<&'module str>[src]

Returns the field name of the module that this import is expected to come from.

Note that this is optional due to the module linking proposal. If the module linking proposal is enabled this is always None, otherwise this is always Some.

pub fn ty(&self) -> ExternType[src]

Returns the expected type of this import.

Trait Implementations

impl<'module> Clone for ImportType<'module>[src]

impl<'module> Debug for ImportType<'module>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'module> RefUnwindSafe for ImportType<'module>

impl<'module> Send for ImportType<'module>

impl<'module> Sync for ImportType<'module>

impl<'module> Unpin for ImportType<'module>

impl<'module> UnwindSafe for ImportType<'module>

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