Release Process

This is intended to serve as documentation for Wasmtime's release process. It's largely an internal checklist for those of us performing a Wasmtime release, but others might be curious in this as well!

To kick off the release process someone decides to do a release. Currently there's not a schedule for releases or something similar. Once the decision is made (there's also not really a body governing these decisions, it's more whimsical currently, or on request from others) then the following steps need to be executed to make the release:

  1. git pull - make sure you've got the latest changes
  2. Run rustc scripts/
  3. Run ./publish bump
  • Review and commit the changes
  • Note that this bumps all cranelift/wasmtime versions as a major version bump at this time. See the bump_version function in to tweak this.
  1. Make sure is up-to-date, and fill it out if it doesn't have an entry yet for the current release.
  2. Send this version update as a PR to the wasmtime repository, wait for a merge
  3. After merging, tag the merge as vA.B.C
  4. Push the tag to the repository
  • This will trigger the release CI which will create all release artifacts and publish them to GitHub releases.
  1. Run ./publish publish
  • This will fail on some crates, but that's expected.
  • Keep running this script until all crates are published. Note that won't let you publish something twice so rerunning is only for crates which need the index to be udpated and if it hasn't yet. It's recommended to wait a bit between runs of the script.

And that's it, then you've done a Wasmtime release.