wasm_val_t Struct Reference

Representation of a WebAssembly value. More...

#include <doc-wasm.h>

Data Fields

wasm_valkind_t kind
 The kind of this value, or which of the fields in the of payload contains the actual value.
union {
   int32_t   i32
 value for the WASM_I32 type
   int64_t   i64
 value for the WASM_I64 type
   float32_t   f32
 value for the WASM_F32 type
   float64_t   f64
 value for the WASM_F64 type
   struct wasm_ref_t *   ref
 Unused by Wasmtime.
 The actual value of this wasm_val_t. Only one field of this anonymous union is valid, and which field is valid is defined by the kind field.

Detailed Description

Representation of a WebAssembly value.

Note that this structure is intended to represent the way to communicate values from the embedder to the engine. This type is not actually the internal representation in JIT code, for example.

Also note that this is an owned value, notably the ref field. The wasm_val_delete function does not delete the memory holding the wasm_val_t itself, but only the memory pointed to by wasm_val_t.

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