Trait wasmtime::AsContext[][src]

pub trait AsContext {
    type Data;
    fn as_context(&self) -> StoreContext<'_, Self::Data>;
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A trait used to get shared access to a Store in Wasmtime.

This trait is used as a bound on the first argument of many methods within Wasmtime. This trait is implemented for types like Store, Caller, and StoreContext itself. Implementors of this trait provide access to a StoreContext via some means, allowing the method in question to get access to the store’s internal information.

Note that this is only used in contexts where the store’s information is read, but not written. For example methods that return type information will use this trait as a bound. More commonly, though, mutation is required and AsContextMut is needed.

Associated Types

The host information associated with the Store, aka the T in Store<T>.

Required methods

Returns the store context that this type provides access to.

Implementations on Foreign Types