Trait wasmtime::LinearMemory[][src]

pub unsafe trait LinearMemory: Send + Sync + 'static {
    fn byte_size(&self) -> usize;
fn maximum_byte_size(&self) -> Option<usize>;
fn grow_to(&mut self, new_size: usize) -> Result<()>;
fn as_ptr(&self) -> *mut u8; }
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A linear memory. This trait provides an interface for raw memory buffers which are used by wasmtime, e.g. inside [‘Memory’]. Such buffers are in principle not thread safe. By implementing this trait together with MemoryCreator, one can supply wasmtime with custom allocated host managed memory.


The memory should be page aligned and a multiple of page size. To prevent possible silent overflows, the memory should be protected by a guard page. Additionally the safety concerns explained in [‘Memory’], for accessing the memory apply here as well.

Note that this is a relatively new and experimental feature and it is recommended to be familiar with wasmtime runtime code to use it.

Required methods

Returns the number of allocated bytes which are accessible at this time.

Returns the maximum number of bytes the memory can grow to.

Returns None if the memory is unbounded, or Some if memory cannot grow beyond a specified limit.

Grows this memory to have the new_size, in bytes, specified.

Returns Err if memory can’t be grown by the specified amount of bytes. The error may be downcastable to std::io::Error. Returns Ok if memory was grown successfully.

Return the allocated memory as a mutable pointer to u8.